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  Jiangsu CEMP Energy Group Co.Ltd is located in No.88 Yangguang Road ,Sheyang Economy developing zone Jiangsu province.factory plant covering an area of 30, 000m2 ,CEMP officially registered in 2010 with registered capital of RMB 53.95 million , ( stock code 837703), Shanghai office is located in Hongqiao CBD, a walking distance to Hongqiao high speed railway station and Hongqiao airport . Operation center in Big Data Industrial park Yancheng city Jiangsu province.

  CEMP engaged in Smart Micro-grid technology, which based on newly renovated power stations and energy storage technology.High-efficiency solar PV modules and PV system. Energy Storage products . Since established, has successively passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, TUV, ROHS, CE, CQC certifications 36 granted patents which contain 16 PV module patents,8 storage battery patents and 12 patents in integrated...

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To provide customers with new energy, investment, planning, design, financing, equipment procurement, organization, installation and implementation of Internet projects


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Introduction of family owner customer distributed network connection process.

Fill in a network application Location: the power grid business hall of district level 1. Attention is district level one. A few places can now go to the first level at the township level. What if there is no real estate card? There are no property certificates in some village collective property. In this case, you can give a certificate to the government at the first level of the town, or a statement from the village group and then a government stamp at the first level of the town. The information to be filled in: the application form. Grid connected access scheme Location: the power grid business hall may also communicate by telephone alone. Specific process: after receiving the application, the power grid will send staff to your home to survey the scene, such as the position of the transformer, how the line is connected, where the meter is safe and so on. After the completion of the survey, you will issue a network access plan, which is signed and confirmed by you. Generally, this plan is made in two copies, one for you and another for the grid. After you get the grid connection plan, you can have construction and installation. Remarks: this step is likely to be different from place to place. 1) in some places, in order to let you run less, the power grid will not let you run to the business hall to sign it after the access scheme has come out. Instead, you call directly to tell you that the network access scheme has been done and you can install it. When does the access plan allow you to sign it? In this case, when the grid connection is checked and accepted, the power grid personnel will bring the plan together to let you sign. 2) there are some places because the installation of more people, the process is particularly smooth, the grid may save the scene investigation this step, directly in the agreed date to give you a network access scheme, and then wait for the network acceptance of your home. Construction and installation Location: home. The specific process is to choose products that are reliable and responsible for installation by manufacturers. Note: please be sure to choose the products and manufacturers of the brand, and the installation team must have the license of the power installation (repair, test), otherwise it will affect the acceptance of the grid and the return of the future. Acceptance of the purchase and sale contract with the acceptance of the net Location: power grid business hall / home. The information we need to provide is: product qualification certificate, factory inspection report, product certification and installation qualification certificate, that is, electrical equipment license, such as loading, repair and testing. The information to be filled in: the application for the acceptance of the network.
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After the grid connection of PV projects, we need to register to get subsidies.

Some families are equipped with distributed photovoltaic power generation and do not know to be registered with the national renewable energy center in order to get a national policy subsidy in the later period, because they have missed some of their own rights. In addition, many places need to be declared separately. For example, the city subsidy of 0.3 yuan /kWh of Beijing city needs to complete the project information filling and online monitoring for the "new energy and renewable energy online monitoring system in Beijing", and to submit the online monitoring system for new energy and renewable energy in Beijing. In practice, there are many distributed photovoltaic project owners who don't understand this rule, which delays the application of state subsidies and local subsidies. However, natural persons enter the subsidy catalogue automatically without registration. Non natural person distributed photovoltaic project declare seventh batch of renewable energy price supplementary subsidy directory. According to the notice of the Ministry of finance, the national development and Reform Commission and the State Energy Bureau on the organization and declaration of the seventh batch of additional subsidy catalogues of renewable energy electricity prices (financial office construction [2017] 17) (hereinafter referred to as "notifications"), the non natural distributed photovoltaic power projects need to declare an additional subsidy catalogue of renewable energy electricity prices. In addition to submitting the declaration documents, the declaration subsidy catalogue of the non natural people's distributed photovoltaic power generation project should also be registered by the project unit in the "National Energy Bureau renewable energy project information management platform", and fill the project related information through the information platform.



How to distinguish the good or bad of the photovoltaic module

First, we need to see whether the supplier of components is the mainstream brand of the industry, and the quality assurance and after-sale service of the general brand is guaranteed. China Unicom cloud providers are easy to provide customers with a series of highly efficient single and polycrystalline solar modules, supporting component specification customization. The components of the light volt and easily produced components are all through strict performance testing and a strict quality control system to ensure that every solar photovoltaic component used by customers remains reliable in the process of 25 years of operation. Secondly, let's see if there is any missing welding during the series welding of battery, which can be seen directly through the appearance. There is also the quality of the back pressure, whether the pressure is not smooth, or the bubbles, wrinkles, etc. And whether the border quality is strictly rectangular, and the error is not too large. In addition, the high conversion rate is also critical. It is the guarantee of stable returns. The conversion rate is invisible. It needs to compare component parameters. With the gradual improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the users of photovoltaic power plants are also increasing. The quality problem of power station has been focused by people. Building a high-quality and reliable power station can not only play an environmental role, but also help us get more benefits. In this small editor also remind the vast number of users friends, in the selection of photovoltaic components, avoid small and cheap negligence, must find a qualified, regular brand and channel installers to cooperate.



How to reduce the two losses of photovoltaic power plants by operation and maintenance

At present, China's photovoltaic industry has entered the stage of large-scale development, and more and more photovoltaic power plants have entered the operation period of up to 25 years. During the operation period, the power generation level is the key factor affecting the economic benefits of power stations. Therefore, how to ensure the efficient generation of photovoltaic power plants is the primary problem faced by operators. Before solving this problem, first of all, we need to analyze the loss of the equipment of the photovoltaic power station, understand where the loss of the power station occurs, and then make clear what means to control the loss of the power station within a reasonable range. Common loss of photovoltaic power station: Failure loss of photovoltaic module and confluence box equipment Inverter loss 1 failure loss of PV module and confluence box equipment For PV array and junction box, its loss will be directly influenced by pre construction and later operation and maintenance, and at the same time, there are more loss factors involved. There are many kinds and quantities of equipment involved in the DC terminal of the photovoltaic power station, for example, for 30MW photovoltaic power station, according to general conditions, it will include 420 DC junction boxes, 16 branches (a total of 6720 branches) under each confluence box, and 20 batteries (a total of 134400 batteries) per branch. The total amount of the equipment is huge. The more the number, the higher the frequency of equipment failure, and the greater the power loss. The main problems are photovoltaic module attenuation, fire of junction box, cracking of battery panel, lead wire solder joint, heat spot of branch box, branch fault and so on. At the same time, such a type of failure in a single group of components will directly lead to the reduction of the overall output of the series. Due to the failure of a single string, the voltage and current of each cluster in the same confluence box is very different, resulting in a higher loss of mismatch. The above situation will directly affect the power output of the DC side of PV power station. A proposal to reduce loss We should strengthen product quality control and ensure product quality of components and confluence boxes, and avoid loss of power generation caused by product quality problems. According to the whole production link, production process and raw material control, the inspection strength of the component arrival acceptance is strengthened; the quality of the electrical components used in the production is controlled and the quality of the goods is checked and checked. The quality control of the PV module and the sink box is controlled in the process of production and transportation. . Suggestions to reduce loss two Strengthening the acceptance of completion and acceptance, ensuring the quality of photovoltaic components and confluence boxes through effective acceptance means to ensure the construction quality of the power station, and to ensure the construction quality of the power station. The following contents are as follows: component EL test, voltage and current test (open circuit voltage, short circuit current and working current) of each branch of the confluence box Work voltage); check the electrical connection of the confluence box (avoid polarity error, virtual connection, etc.). Suggestions to reduce loss three To improve the intelligent operation level of the power station, monitor the work situation of group series, analyze the data, find out the fault source in time, check the point to point fault, improve the working efficiency of the operation and maintenance personnel, and minimize the loss of the power generation caused by the DC end fault. 2 inverter loss The loss of the inverter is mainly embodied in two aspects, one is the loss caused by the conversion efficiency of the inverter, and the two is the loss caused by the maximum power tracking capability of the inverter MPPT. These two aspects are determined by the performance of the inverter, and the benefits of reducing the inverter losses through later operation and maintenance are relatively small. Therefore, the equipment selection in the initial stage of power plant construction should be locked down, and the loss of the inverter with better performance can be reduced. In the later stage of operation and maintenance, the operation data of inverter can be collected and analyzed by means of intelligence, so as to provide decision support for equipment selection of new power plant.
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